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"Ok Glass, I do".


A place to showcase, and provide commentary on, the impact that the increasing prevalence of wearable technology has on our world.

Google Glass, and a host of other wearable technologies are clashing head on with our culture and social norms.

What if every major moment of our lives was recorded for eternity; If memories were made for beyond death do us part?

What impact will it have on our long held traditions? On our relationships and our businesses?

Join us as we follow the future of wearable technology through interesting and odd applications.

Let us know how you feel: @OkGlassIDo

About the Project

"OK Glass, I do" is a collaborative project between wearable tech research company Vandrico Inc. and the Tall and Bearded Jess Sloss.

Twitter: @ThatTallGuy / @Vandrico / @OkGlassIdo

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